Winter Lights by Deborah Jenkins: 5*****

An absolutely delightful book that is perfect for Christmas and the holiday season! Author Deborah Jenkins stories are about a disparate group of individuals who live in and around England. The stories are about people in all walks of life and are charming looks at their lives as they approach the winter holidays. It all begins with the story of a key to a home, an argument that escalates into an angry parent being involved in an accident, and the discovery of the key which brings healing. We are also treated to people who meet on a train, as well as another story about an Indian restaurant where the owners son doesn’t understand his father. The stories go on and on, and the message in each are uplifting and affirming. By the last stories Jenkins brings everything full circle at a New Years Day party at the home of Lady Trenton. It is hard to say which story I enjoyed the most, and that is a good thing! So many times books of short stories consist of a few quality stories and just as many clunkers. But here the fact that Deborah Jenkins is able to seamlessly tie-in each and every person and story creates a book that has one of the most delightful, charming and uplifting books I have read in well over a year. If there is but one book you should read for the Winter/Christmas holiday season this is it! Trust me, it will bring a warm glow to your holidays!

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